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Monthly Council Meeting
June 8th, 2021

Mayor Albert Gallant called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Albert Gallant – Mayor
Allan Parks – Deputy Mayor
Jacqueline Lecky- Councillor
Pat MacLellan – Councillor
John Searle- Councillor
Ivan Blanchard- Councillor
Joan Arsenault – Councillor
Michelle Perry- CAO


2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: No one declared a conflict of interest.

3. FIRE DEPARTMENT: Chief Jason Woodbury gave the following report. The department will be starting meeting and doing training with the full department in July. The memorial is scheduled for September 18 2021 and the department is looking on having their summer party this year and will be looking to have the cost of food covered. Bylaw amendment for the municipal fire service. Jason had a concern about the wording that the chief and deputy chief position will be reviewed every year, and they thought that they had to reapply every year. It was clarified that they did not have too and they will be reviewed only to make sure that positions are being represented they way council would like, and if any other firefighter wanted to apply for the position they will be looked at as well. Jason has not heard back from the PEI Firefighters association about the dues. Hose testing was completed on Monday and 2 hoses will need to be replaced. At there monthly meeting there was a motion carried that the department will put away $10,000.00 towards the purchase of a new rescue truck in the future. A firefighter has started to detail the trucks. And they are also looking to see if the water softener can be hooked up to the bay as when the trucks are washed there is water spots left on them. Also the harassment forms are almost all signed.

Albert thanked Jason for the report.

Ivan gave the following report. There was a sub committee created to get some information on the fire department on whether the community needed a new fire truck and a hydrant. The committee met with Bill Hogan who proposed a Fire Service Review which he has done on other communities on the department. This will provide the community with a report on staffing equipment and municipal water supply. It will also provide recommendations that the department will have going forward for the next 10-20 years. The cost will be $3600.00

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard seconded by John Searle and carried
THAT the Community hire Bill Hogan to do a detailed report on the Fire Service at the cost of $3,600.00.

4. MAINTENANCE REPORT: Monty MacAusland Maintenance gave the following report: A box for the tractor was purchased so that he is able to carry tools with him when he is cutting grass. Also the welcome sign on Lady Slipper Dr N was put back into place after winter damage. Sewer flushing will start the week of July 5 providing that we can find a firefighter to drive the pumper for water.

5. REC CENTER REPORT: Councillor Jacqueline Lecky gave the following report: Bingo are doing good we are averaging 95-100 people a week. The table tops were painted at the end of May. Also Ivan advised that he was at the rec center and the siding on the outside seems to be separating at the corners of the building.

MOTION moved by John Searle seconded by Ivan Blanchard and carried
THAT the Community have a contractor look at the siding to see if it needs to be fixed.

6. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Meeting minutes for May 11th, Meeting May 18th and May 19th , 2021

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard seconded by Allan Parks and carried
THAT the minutes for May 11th , and May 18th and May 19th, 2021 be approved as presented.

a) West Lagoon ICIP Funding: Still no word on the funding. It was suggested that we send an email to see what the status is.
b) Skate Park Equipment Funding: The grant was applied for the Skate Park Equipment and the Bunker Gear. And Michelle found out that on June 21 ACOA will be accepting applications for funding for Park equipment. This will cover 40% of the cost and with the 50% from revitalization program then the community will only have to pay 10% so the other piece of equipment can be ordered as will if the funding is approved. Michelle will apply for the funding.

MOTION moved by Jacqueline Lecky seconded by John Searle and carried
THAT the Community apply for funding of 40% through ACOA for 2 pieces of Skate park equipment for approximately $50,000.00.

c) Fishermen’s Wharf: The council did not give a date as to when they wanted to go. So after discussion they decided on July 16 at 6:30pm.


a) Fire Dept: Already discussed.
b) Planning Board- Development Permits- No Permits
c) Sewer: 22 Lady Slipper Dr S 2 lengths of pipe was replaced to the main. Also 18 Wilfred St is looking to get a partial refund on the sewer since the house burnt.

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the Community not prorate the sewer from the time the house burnt till the end of the year.

Pat MacLellan voted No Motion Carried.

d) Firehall Maintenance & Street Lights: Pat MacLellan will check on Laughlin since 3 new homes went in to see if there needs to be any street lights put in.
e) Community Improvements: Still no  contractor to check to see if a disable washroom can be put in the firehall. It was suggested to check with Gillis Heating to see if they can check it out.
f) Finances:


MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried
THAT the payment of the bills totaling $ 33,520.75 is approved.

a) Covid Warrior Coin: Lieutenant Governor of PEI is awarding 3 coins to individuals , organizations and business in the community for there outstanding acts during Covid 19. It was suggested the Fire Department and council will think of 2 others and let Michelle know in a couple of weeks.
b) Land matters PEI: Council received a letter from the minister advising that there is an advisory committee that will be making recommendation to government and this may effect municipalities official plans and bylaws depending on what the recommendations will be and the minister just wanted to make council aware.
c) Cyber Security Workshops: There will be a few workshops in Charlottetown if any council is interested.
d) Road Work: There is some patching of the road on Gillis St and Monaghan St.
e) Park in Heritage: Council received a request from a resident on Heritage that since there is a lot of kids in the subdivision if the green space can be cleaned out and put some benches in there for the kids to play in there rather than on the road. Council suggested to find out more about the space to see how it is listed and what we can do on it.

MOTION moved by John Searle seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the Community contact the lawyer to see how the green space was approved in the subdivision.

f) ATV Club looking for access to business in Miscouche: Pat was speaking with a member of the ATV Club and they are looking to get access through Miscouche to business. Council has agreed to support the club but this would need to be presented to government from the ATV club.
g) Complaint from Wilfred St: Council received an written complaint from a resident of Wilfred St. The complaint was about the speeding issue and how they do not feel comfortable letting their children out to play for fear of being hit from speeders. There was some discussion as to what they can do to stop this, and council feels that they should meet with the minister of transportation to see what can be done on the street. Whether it is rumble strips or putting in the sidewalk if the government would agree to pay on the infilling. Albert will set something up with the minister.

11. NEXT MEETING: July 13th, 2021


MOTION moved by John Searle THAT the meeting of June 8th, 2021 be adjourned.