COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – September 13, 2022

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Monthly Council Meeting

September 13th, 2022


Mayor Albert Gallant called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Albert Gallant – Mayor
Allan Parks – Deputy Mayor
Jacqueline Lecky- Councillor
Pat MacLellan – Councillor
John Searle- Councillor
Ivan Blanchard- Councillor
Joan Arsenault – Councillor (Absent)
Michelle Perry- CAO

The presentation for the Eddie Laughlin Award was awarded to Barb Poirier who was nominated for all her hard work over the years in the community and especially for her hard work taking care of the graveyard.

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: No one declared a conflict of interest.

3. FIRE DEPARTMENT: Deputy Chief Doug Trowsdale gave the following report. No calls over the last month, and the department participated in the parish picnic doing the road toll which went over very well. 9 members of the department went to Ottawa for the memorial. The department is also preparing for a mock mass casualty for practice for the emergency plan. The event will be held in November. There was a question about the recent report on finding of a carcinogen in some bunker that can cause cancer. Doug advised that at this time they were not sure if it was all bunker gear or certain ones. He did state that the bunker does get thoroughly cleaned once a year.

b) Water Source: Allan met with environment and went over 3 PID # to see if there was enough water to fill the tanker. Environment suggested that the best place would be the Rec Center but did suggest that the community meet with the well driller to get their thoughts on the location. Once that is done to then fill out the application and start the process for the deep water well.

c) Insurance: Michelle heard back from the insurance company and there was nothing compatible that they could provide in the current package that we have, so the insurance company will get a comparable for a new package. She is still waiting to get the information back.

4. MAINTENANCE REPORT: Monty MacAusland gave the following report: Sewer lines were flushed, and the painting of the manhole covers were completed. Still waiting to get the lines at the lagoon videoed and the contractor machine was being repaired. Hoping to have it completed next week.

5. REC CENTER REPORT: Councillor Jacqueline Lecky gave the following report: Bingo license was renewed. Also there has been some vandalism around the rec center. Someone has been spray painting the back door and the garbage hut. It was discussed to get some pricing on cameras. Michelle will get some pricing.

6. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Meeting minutes for August 9th, 2022

MOTION moved by Jacqueline Lecky seconded by Ivan Blanchard and carried

THAT the minutes for August 9th, 2022 be approved as presented.


a) West Lagoon Upgrades: The boreholes are waiting to be completed as the contractor is busy on other projects.

b) Welcome Signs in the community: Councillor Ivan Blanchard got new pricing for the signs and council decided to wait till the spring to apply for a grant for them as they a quite costly.

c) Metal Bench: It was asked if the insurance ever paid for the bench that was destroyed on Lady Slipper Dr near the church. The quotes were never received from and submitted. Michelle will check with the insurance company to see if the claim is still open.

d) Wilfred St: still not response back from transportation. Council decided to send a letter advising if there was no response within 7 days that we will go to the Minister of Transportation.

e) Elections: Nominations will be opened from October 12th- till 2:00pm on October 21st, 2022. For anyone who is running they will need to pick up the nomination form at the municipal office.


a) Fire Dept: Already discussed.

b) Planning Board- Development Permits- 101 Kelly Dr Storage shed

c) Sewer: 2nd installment will go out October 1st.

d) Firehall Maintenance & Street Lights:

e) Community Improvements:

f) Finances:


MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried

THAT the payment of the bills totaling $ 70,494.90 be approved.



a) Evangeline Rec Center: Letter was sent looking for the community to sponsor a 1-hour family skate on Sundays for a donation of $100.00.

MOTION moved by Jacqueline Lecky seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried

THAT the community donate $100.00 towards the family skate on Sundays.

b) Police Speeding through the community: There were some concerns about police speeding through the community with their lights and sirens. Ivan Blanchard put a motion on the floor to write a letter to the police about excessive speeding through the community.

Motion died and there was no seconder.

c) Snow Removal Tender will be available tomorrow and will close on October 7th at 5;00pm for

the 2022/2023 season.

11. NEXT MEETING: October 11th, 2022


MOTION moved by John Searle THAT the meeting of September 13th, 2022 be adjourned.