COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES- Special Public Meeting- Re-Zoning Laughlin St

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Special Council Meeting
Re-zoning Laughlin St Property
October 24th, 2018.

Chairperson Ivan Blanchard called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Ivan Blanchard – Mayor
John Gillis – Councillor
Joan Arsenault – Councillor
Robin Gillis- Councillor
Pat MacLellan – Deputy Mayor
Ricky Myers- Councillor (absent)
Michelle Perry- Administrator

18 Residents 4 Non Residents

Mayor Ivan Blanchard called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. He thanked the public for coming out and apologized to any of them who did not receive a letter as they were to be hand delivered. Ivan explained that the meeting was to get the resident input on the land at the end of Laughlin St. The community purchased the land last year, and came to realize that it was going to cost to much money to have the road put in so that the lots could be developed. So council decided to sell the property. They had a potential buyer who was going to put up 3 seniors units with 6 apartments per unit.

The resident had some concerns about this being developed as a multi family use.
– when they purchased their homes it was a single dwelling homes
– it will bring down their property value with multi residence
– increase of traffic on the street.
– It’s a safety issue as there is no sidewalks.
– Can the sewer system handle the new development
– Why residents didn’t even know that it was for sale.

Ivan explained that the property had been for sale for a long time from Curran Briggs. And that at 4:00 pm today the buyer backed out of the plan but council still wanted to know how the residents feel about it.

Residents wanted to know if they could purchase the land. It was explained that they can not until the road is developed then the lots can be sold unless someone wanted to by all 6 lots as 1 parcel.

Ivan suggested that the new council can make that decision if they wanted to develop it or change the zoning. And a meeting of the public would be called before this happens.

Residents wanted to insure that they have a say now and if they had to get 18 of the residents to write a letter stating that they wanted to keep the land as single family dwelling they will get the letters.

Ivan suggested a vote and it was 13 to 0 in favor of keeping the land as individual lots for single family dwellings.

Ivan advised that the public has spoke and the lots will remain as single family dwelling and the new council will need to look into redeveloping the road so the lots can be sold.

Ivan thanked the residents for coming out and the meeting was adjourned.