COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – Special Meeting – January 29, 2014

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Special Council Meeting
January 29, 2014

Chairperson, Peter Mallett called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Peter Mallett – Chairperson
Ivan Blanchard – Vice-Chairperson
John Gillis – Councilor
Mike MacKinnon – Councilor
Judy Gallant – Administrator
And: Bruce Crabb and Robert Gallant – Manager of Rec Centre
Absent: Joan Arsenault and Ben Murphy – Councilors

2. Rec Centre – Proposed Projects and Activities

a) Archery Classes: Bruce Crabb advised that there may be a delay in getting the equipment shipped in for the archery classes however they hope to receive the equipment soon and are hopping to start the classes sometime in February. Bruce also advised that they will need to train additional people to oversee the classes. Bruce will report back to Council once he has received a definite delivery date for the equipment.

Council thanked Bruce and Bruce then left the meeting.

b) Rec Centre Improvements – Peter advised that Giselle Bernard had contacted him to see if Council was still interested in trying to get funding to carry out improvements to the Rec Centre this year. Peter advised Giselle that we probably would be interested so Giselle will get back to Peter about any possible funding for the project.

c) Meet Your Neighbor Day – Council members discussed various activities options for the annual “Meet Your Neighbor Day” which is tentatively set for Saturday March 1st at the Rec Centre. Mike advised that the activities could include a breakfast from 8:00 to 10:00 A.M. following by activities and games for the kids. Mike also advised that he has been able to get a tentative booking for a Band to play at the dance which would run from 9:00 to 12:00 P.M. Peter also advised that he has ordered some hats and water bottles that could be handed out during the day.
Robert advised that he would not be available to be at the Rec Centre during the day,
however he can have bar tenders available for the evening dance and he will also look
after having a bouncer for the dance. Council members also discussed having snacks
such as hot chocolate, cookies and chips available for the children. Peter agreed to
look after getting the food for the breakfast and kids snacks.

d) GoPlay – Youth Activities – Mike reported that the GoPlay youth activities will be
held every Tuesday after school until March.