COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – Special Meeting February 24, 2015

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Special Council Meeting
February 24, 2015

Chairperson, Peter Mallett called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Peter Mallett – Chairperson
Ivan Blanchard – Vice-Chairperson
Joan Arsenault – Councilor
John Gillis – Councilor
Patrick MacLellan – Councilor
Ricky Myers – Councilor
Judy Gallant – Administrator

2. Rec Centre – Storm Damage
Peter advised that because of water damage to ceiling and floor tiles and possibly some of the walls due to snow getting into the building, he, Ivan and Robert Gallant met with Ken MacDougall of Firtgerald & Snow to look at the exterior siding to try and locate the problem. Mr. MacDougall had replaced a piece of metal at the top of the siding. He also advised that it appears that the siding is not securely attached at the top because it does not appear to have been installed high enough to fit under the overhang channel. He recommended that we have our contractor come back and fix the problem. Ivan advised that he will contact our Contractor, G.I.A. Limited to come out and fix the problem. Following further discussion some Councillors feel that we should contact our Insurance Company again to come out and possibly let them deal with our Contractor directly to have the problem fixed. Peter will contact our Insurance Company, Cooke Insurance, again to discuss the matter.

3. Miscouche Family Day – Peter advised that we received a Thank You card from Leonard
Florence MacNeill, thanking Council for holding the event again this year.

4. Proposed 2015 Budget
After reviewing a draft copy of the 2014 financial statement which was prepared by our Accountants, BDO, Council members began preparing a draft of the proposed budget for 2015.

– Proposed Increases to Council Honorariums and Employee Salaries for 2015.
a) Council honorariums. The new rates for Council members will now be $1,900.00 for
Chairperson, $1,500.00 for Vice-Chairperson and $1,400.00 for each remaining Council member. The new combined total for Council honorariums for 2015 will be $9,000.00 which will represent a $700.00 increase over previous years.
b) Employee Salaries – Robert Gallant – Rec Centre Manager be increased to $360.00
bi-weekly based on 30 hours bi-weekly or $12.00 per hour. Bobby DesRoches – Maintenance worker be increased to $15.50 plus 4% vac pay per hour. Monty MacAusland – Sidewalk snow blower operator be increased to $15.00 plus 4% vac pay per hour. Judy Gallant – Administrator bi-weekly base wages be increased by 2.5% from $870.00 to $892.00 for 40 hours bi-weekly. An hourly rate increase from $21.75 to $22.30 per hour for any additional hours over 40 hours bi-weekly.

5. Annual Meeting
Will be held on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. in the Silver Maple Senior’s Club Room in the firehall with a storm date of Thursday, March 19th.

6. Next regular Council Meeting will be Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 7:00 P.M.
7. Meeting Adjourned.