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Regular Monthly Meeting
March 8th, 2016

 Chairperson, Peter Mallett called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
Peter Mallett – Chairperson
John Gillis – Councilor
Ricky Myers – Councilor
Pat MacLellan – Councilor
Joan Arsenault- Councilor
Michelle Perry- Administrator
Absent- Ivan Blanchard
2. FIRE DEPT REPORT There was no one from the Fire department to give the report.
Pat was at the meeting on Monday night and he gave the following report. The Fire department had 3 calls last month a Motor Vehicle accident, Flue Fire and a Car Fire. May 14th is the Ceremony for the late Mike Gallant and it starts at 1:00 pm,
a) Booby requested that we find out if we can get 2 more carts for the garbage at the Fire Hall as the cans are overflowing. He did not want to have them come out every 2 weeks then he would have to make sure he remembers to take the cans out.  So we will call superior to see about getting extra cans.
b) Bobby reported that their needs to be more gravel at the lift station as the road is in bad shape from the winter. John Gillis said that he will check with John DesRoches to see what he thinks.  We may have to get the holes filled for now and have him put gravel down in the spring.
Peter will check with Steven Yeo about the Black Pond to see if the Government takes care of that road as it is in bad shape as well.
c) Troy was down and got the maintenance truck towed to the garage as it was not working.  He had to put a new battery in it as well as a new bulb.  It is working as of now.
No word from Fitzgerald & Snow about the Gutter and Trim replacement.  We have received their estimate
MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Ricky Myers and carried,
THAT the minutes of the February9th 2016 and the special Meeting February 23rd,2016 meeting be approved as presented.
a) Fire Dues- The Fire dues Committee had their meeting last week and no one should up to disapprove the increase of Fire dues for the outlying areas. So it was passed we are just waiting for the Committee to send us the report for the increase.
b) Amalgamation- The council have received 2  thank you letters back from the Premier Wade MacLauchlan and Minister Robert Mitchell, thanking them on the recent letter that was sent from council.
The Premier also noted in his letter that there was new legislation for municipalities that will be commencing soon and he encouraged council to be involved in the process.
a) Fire Dept- No report
b) Planning Board- Building Permits- No Building Permits Issued
c) Sewer Waste Water- With the new sewer bills ready to go out wanted to have something added to the bills advising the customer that it is their responsibility of the customer to have an appropriate Back Water value or Sewerage line check value installed at their location. Or if there was a back up    at the customer location the Community would not be responsible. Council has decided to go with this and it will be added to all the bills going out in April 1st 2016.
Please Note: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to have an appropriate back water valve or a sewerage line check valve installed at their location.  In the event that the customer chooses not to install or properly maintain a check valve and a back up occurs in the customer’s premises, the customer shall be responsible for any damage.
d) Insurance- Preston will be getting insurance for his company and he did not have this before as he thought that he needed the pollution part. Jerome Hannah from Cooke’s Insurance was in touch with him as there was another Municipality that was concerned about it as well.
e) Firehall Maintenance & Street Lights- no reports
f) Community Improvements- Park Property- Peter was no in touch with Chris Reeves from PEI housing as they are going to take a look at the lease again as they were pretty sure it was for 99 years when it was signed. May want to just keep the lease and not purchase it Peter will take a look at the letter that was sent in October again.
g) Finance- Rec Center electricity  Bills seems like the bill is high but really when you look at it compared to what was paid in oil it averages about the same.  John suggested that the furnace be 4 degrees less than the heat pump so the Furnace will be set at 14 and the heat pump 18 and see if this makes a difference. Seems like the pumps are on too high in the week when the building is not being used.
Benefit/ Retirement Party for Judy- Frank was over and he stated that he did not want to have a benefit for Judy that she would not want that, he said that he will keep it in mind for a retirement party but he will have to wait to see how her treatment goes.
MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried,
THAT the Council purchase $300.00 for gas cards to help Frank and Judy out and that they be invited to the supper in Rustico . All in favor.
MOTION moved by Pat MacLellan seconded by Ricky Myers is carried
THAT the payment of the following bills totaling $54,946.23 is approved
a) Raises- After discussions with the council they have approved a 2.5% raise for maintenance Man and Rec Center Manager a raise of 4% per hour.
b) Annual Meeting- Annual Meeting will be March 15th at 7:00 pm and we will have it in the AA Room as the Seniors have cards on Tuesday Night. Either David or Gerald from BDO will be here to explain the finical statement. Seniors will  be contacted to make sandwiches for that night.
c) Quote for renovations Offices- Blaine Gallant dropped of the quote for the renovations for the offices and the main entry. Council has decided to table this till after Ivan gets back from vacation.
d) Pins- Diane Murphy was looking for community pins to take to Calgary for Bowling to pass out. Will make sure that she gets them before she leaves.
e) Phase 2 Sub Division- We have received a letter from Jeannie Gallant who works with Luc Van Hul about the final drawing for Stephen Arsenault, and they are looking to change Lot 43 from a single family dwelling to a duplex since it is on the same of Gillis Street duplexes now. The Council has given Preliminary approval to go ahead with the change to duplex
f) Cleaners- Cleaners were in last weekend and they have completed the Seniors room, AA room and the main entry, they will be coming back to do the upstairs and office this weekend. Council has decided to pay them straight out instead of having them on payroll, and that they will try to have them come every 2 weeks and see how it goes maybe will only need them every month.
g) Administration- Peter called John Dewey today to see what would need to be done to have Michelle put in as an administrator and he stated that it just needed to be passed at a meeting.
MOTION moved by Pat MacLellan seconded by Ricky Myers is carried
THAT Michelle Perry be officially hired as an administrator.
h) Student Hire Program- The federal one was already applied for waiting for the Provincial one to come out, and if anyone knows anyone to have them go to access P.E.I. and get an application for the Student hire program and fill it out and drop it off here.
i) Bursary- There should be a write up in the paper with the information on the requirements for the Bursary at the end of March.
j) Federation of Municipality: Pat Maclellan needs to be nominated for his position with the municipality.
MOTION moved by Ricky Myers seconded by John Gillis is carried
THAT Pat MacLellan be nominated for the Board of Directors for the Federation of Municipalities .
At this time Pat left the meeting
k) Budget- Account said that we can show a deficit.
l) Parking Lot- The parking lot at the Fire Hall needs to be paved, it is in bad shape. Maybe a possibility to have it cost shared with the Government on the Museum Side. Something to talk with Steven Yeo about on the meeting on Thursday March 10th, 2016 at 1:00 pm also need to discuss with Steven about sending a letter to Waite’s electric when they are working on the lights at the corner they do not have flagger’s and it is very dangerous, and since Highways hire them then they should make them aware for safety purposes.
Will be held on Tuesday, April 12th,7:00 P.M.