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Special  Council Meeting
Bingo Volunteer Meeting
January 13th, 2020

Deputy Mayor Allan Parks called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.

Allan Parks – Deputy Mayor           

Jacqueline Lecky- Councillor
Michelle Perry- Administrator
13 Bingo Volunteers:

Allan started off the meeting by acknowledging that volunteering is important and thanking them all for doing it.  Allan advised that there was suppose to be a meeting before this one where the volunteers were asked if they had any suggestions to making the bingo better.  And since that meeting did not happen he wanted to know if there were any suggestions. Suggestions are as follows.
The bingo caller is to fast.
It is to cold in the building( Check the weather-stripping around the back door.
Fans are blowing the bingo cards around (Change the louver positions)
Minimum payout of $20.00 get rid of the 1 line games.
Bonanza- prize structure should be going up instead of down.
Someone on the floor to sell pre-dab
Having 2 bingo a week
giving out $10-20$ bingo pass if its there birthday.
More advertising
giving out free dabbers or providing food at the bingo to sell.
Suggestion box at the bingo
Game restructuring going to $100.00 prize instead of $75.00
Allan thanked everyone for the suggestions an advised that we are in the processes of changing the bingo and in the near future instead of volunteers there will be paid positions and if any one would like to sign up there is 1 rule if you work you don’t play bingo on that night. Council is  looking to have  1 crew run the bingo weekly and do it on a trail period for 3 months and then reevaluate after that. There were some general concerns about switching it this way, but for the most part they all understood that in the end this is a business and council is generally concerned in the future of the Rec Center.