COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – December 10th, 2019

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Monthly  Council Meeting
December 10th, 2019

Mayor Albert Gallant called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Albert Gallant  – Mayor
Allan Parks – Deputy Mayor
Jacqueline Lecky- Councillor
Pat MacLellan – Councillor
John Searle- Councillor
Ivan Blanchard- Councillor
Joan Arsenault – Councillor
Michelle Perry- Administrator

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: No one declared a conflict of interest.
3. FIRE DEPARTMENT: John Searle gave the following report: They were 8 calls last month 5 Medical 1 Alarm 1 MVA and 1 Electrical fire. 2 people were accepted into the department Danielle gallant and Adam Rogers. The department is looking to replace the Jaws and John Dunbar will be putting on a presentation for a heat imaging camera. EMO plan will be updated soon and there will be a New Truck Committee assembled in January .  The department will also be putting on a Major Disaster Mock Exercise sometime in 2020. Michelle briefly spoke on behalf of the Fire chief as he was unable to be present at the meting, The department is looking to have the Monument installed before May 2020 as that will be the 5th death anniversary of Captain Mike Gallant, and the department is planning on unveiling it during the ceremony, however they do not have enough to pay the taxes and since the community can apply to get the taxes back they are looking to have the community pay for the taxes as the stone can take 12-18 weeks to be shipped and installed.

 MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by John Searle  and carried
THAT the Community pay $2,699.55 which is the HST part of the Monument.

Also council commented on how good the meal was on Saturday for the Fire Department Christmas dinner and also how nice it looked to see the department in uniform.

4. MAINTENANCE REPORT: The Fire hall was using a lot of oil over the last 2 months so the heat pumps have all been set and the remote are in the office. Gillis heating will be coming in to service the furnace and it was suggested to get plastic cover over the thermostat.

MOTION moved by John Searle seconded by Allan Parks  and carried
THAT 3 Thermostat cover be put on the thermostat.

5. REC CENTER REPORT: Council met with Robert early in a closed meeting to go over the finances at the Rec Center and also they wanted some information on how the bingo was run. Robert will have a meeting with the workers to see if they have any suggestion on how to improve the bingo. Jacqueline and Allan will both sit in on the meeting.
6. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Meeting minutes for November 12th and 1st reading of the By laws November 13th, 2019  be approved as presented.

MOTION moved by Jacqueline Lecky seconded by Ivan Blanchard  and carried
THAT the minutes for November 12th, and 1 st reading of the By-laws November 13th 2019 be approved as presented.

a) West lagoon Property Price: Albert met with Linkletter farms and offered them $500.00 an acre for the property by the west lagoon as they did not want to see the opposite side of the road.
b) Cross Walk on School Rd: Michelle spoke with Highways and they were out to look at putting in a cross walk from the subdivision side to the school.  They will be putting this in the spring and the community will maintain it in the winter months.
c) Island at the Corner of Main and Lady Slipper: Albert spoke with Steven Yeo and the island will not be put in till next year.
d) Speed Radar signs Wilfred St: Allan spoke with highways and the community is allowed to put there own speed radar signs in however they can cost up to $6,000.00. So more research needs to be done before a decision is to be made. Highways will not put kids at play signs in only near school or parks.
a) Fire Dept: Already discussed.
b) Planning Board- Building Permits- Arlington Orchards are relocating their building to 4 Main Dr E at the corner store permit has been issued.
c)  Sewer: Bills: nothing  .
d) Firehall Maintenance & Street Lights: Resident was concerned that there was not enough light on Augustine st as well as the walking trail by Lady Slipper Dr S. The committee will have a look at this request. Also Michelle had to let go the cleaner but has rehired a new one.
e) Community Improvements: Michelle sent an email to Wellington Construction to have a look at the roof no word yet.
f) Finances: Council would like a breakdown on the cost of running the Bobcat over the last year as they may look into buying a zero turn to cut grass.


MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the payment of the bills totaling $ 31,701.55 is approved.

a) Fire Dues: St Nicholas provided the tax roll numbers for the community. Michelle suggested to put them on a contract.

MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried
THAT the St Nicholas be put on a 1 year contract for Fire Dues to be renewed every December.

b) Crime Stoppers Guide: Looking for a donation this year for a ad in the Crime Prevention Guide.

MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the Community donate $50.00 to the Crime Stoppers Guide.

c) Acadian Congress Video. Ivan wanted to know if council was interested in pursuing to possibility of purchasing the video from the Acadian Congress to play again at an anniversary date of the Acadians.  If was suggested to him to get some more information to see if there would be funding available and what it would actually cost before making that kind of decision.
d) Meeting with WSP and Transportation on the Laughlin St project Friday December 13 at 1pm.
e) Donation for Three Oaks Trip: Letter was read on behalf of the Marine Biology students looking to get to Bahamas.

Council decided at this time that they would not donate to this fund-raiser.
11. NEXT MEETING: January 14th, 2020

MOTION moved by Pat MacLellan THAT the meeting of December 10th, 2019 be adjourned.