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Regular Monthly Meeting
April 12th, 2016

 Chairperson, Peter Mallett called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
Peter Mallett – Chairperson
Ivan Blanchard  – Vice Chair
John Gillis – Councilor
Pat MacLellan – Councilor
Joan Arsenault- Councilor
Michelle Perry- Administrator
Absent- Ricky Myers- Councilor
and Jason Thistle Public Safety Officer, Jason Woodbury Chief of Fire Department and Paul Perry Deputy Chief
2. Presentation was given  by Jason Thistle Public Safety Officer in Charlottetown. The presentation was on how Municipalities are prepared in case of an Emergency. Miscouche does have a Emergency plan in place with St Nicholas since 2007.
The following report was given by Jason and Paul
a) St Nicholas has 50 chairs that were upstairs at the Fire Hall since last year and they wanted to know if council would like to sell them.
b) Someone had suggested that if the council would want to get the upstairs painted that there is someone who would do it for $15.00 hour
c) Mike Gallant Memorial Service May 14th at 1:00 pm they have planned a reception for 200 people however they are thinking that are going to have more than 200 people so the plans are to check with Robert at the Rec Center to see if there is anything booked for that day and have the event there. They have booked the bag piper from the College of Piping for $250.00 and the wreaths that they wanted to order are $350 for the big ones which the Council will pay for the Fire Departments, Council’s and the Families. The other wreaths Jason will order and then bill them out to all the people who wanted to lay them. Jason is thinking that the whole event is going to cost about $2500.00
4. MAINTENANCE REPORTS: nothing to report
5. REC CENTER REPORT: The estimate from Fitzgerald and Snow Gutter and Trim was 11,125.00 plus HST. Peter is trying to get a grant.
     MOTION moved by Joan Arsenault 2nd by Ivan Blanchard and carried
THAT they go ahead with repairs at the Rec Center for the Gutters and Trim.
b) Fire Hall renovations upstairs, Seniors room and the front entry. Peter was talking to Giselle about a grant and she said that it looked good for those renovations however you are no allowed to do any office space with your grant money.
c) Parking Lot: Quote for the parking lot was $25,000.00 and Sonny will allocate $12,500.00 so Municipality will have to pay $12,500.00 for there share.
d) Streetlights: There was some concern that there is not enough Streetlights in the community. Peter suggested that Ivan and him drive around the community at night to see where the dark spots are.
MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried
THAT the minutes of the March 8th ,2016 meeting be approved as presented.
a) Fire Dues: The fire dues were passed for an increase and it will bring in about an extra 4,800.00 from Lot 16 and surrounding Communities not including St Nicholas not sure what the total increase will be for them until Corina Mundy gets back to them.
b) Bursary: Three Oaks called today to see if there was a date set yet for the applications so it can be added to the School’s Bursary board. Spoke with Gerry Dieser and he stated that he had something written up and that he should have it all done by the first of next week.  Sent an email to Jim Donovan at Three oaks informing him of this.8. COMMUNITY REPORTS-

a) Fire Dept- There was 2 calls last month Car Fire and assistant call for Wellington on a house fire Sunny side road. All the Juniors Fire Department will be going to Ottawa for the memorial service. They have money in their account so they will be paying for it.  There was a draw for 1 Fire Fighter to go on the trip and the Department will be paying for that.
b) Planning Board- Building Permits- No Building Permits Issued Blaine Gallant dropped off a plan to have his land on Augustine subdivided.  He was requesting to have his workshop and the house property on the same property number.
Also the property next to Scooter’s listing agent was going to list it and they wanted to know what can go in that property Mini Mall, Duplex.
MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Ivan Blanchard and carried
THAT the approval be given for Blaine Gallant to subdivide his land.
c) Sewer: KM does the sewer flushing each year and Darlene Rhodenizer informed that you can not use your Gas tax for Sewer Video taping as it is considered maintenance. There was millings put on the lagoon road and we have received a quote from Curran & Briggs to do the whole driveway which was $5845.00 plus HST. John will check with John DesRoches to see if he can get a price to do it sometime in June or July when the millings will pack down. Also need to get in touch with Preston Silkier to see about getting an Electrician in to see what the AMP size is to see about getting the lift station hooked up for a generator in case the power is out in an emergency.d) Community Improvements- Park Property- Peter found out that if the Park Property goes up for sale and since it belongs to the province they would need to publish it and send it to tender, so there is a possibility that the community would loose the property. It is zoned for recreation and public space. Council decided to look at the lease again to see how long they have it and maybe just stay with maintaining the property till the lease is done.
They need to get 2 new picnic tables for the park property they need to be good sturdy tables. Ivan is going to shop around for prices.

e) Finance- Since Peter has worked a lot of his time this past year on the Council decided that he should get an extra $500.00
MOTION  moved by John Gillis, seconded by Ivan Blanchard and carried
THAT Peter Mallett honorarium have an extra $500.00 added to it.
MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard 2nd by Pat MacLellan and carried
THAT the payment of the following bills totaling $38,188.08 is approved.
a)Talked about paying off the Loan at the Rec Center. Peter will talk with Giselle to see if they need to have debit when applying for Grants.
b)Sidewalk Kelly: Darlene Rhodenizer advised that you can use next year Gas Tax on this year project. Need to find out how many years left on the Gas Tax to see how much Sidewalk can get
done.  Stephen Yeo said that he would put in $150,000.00 in his 2017 budget for the ditch in filling. They have already started the process of surveying
c)Quote for renovations Offices- Will get Blaine to do a new quote without the offices and we will wait to see if a Grant comes through to pay or the renovations.  Couple of councilors will sit down and go through what renovations need to be done.
d) Insurance: We have received a quote back from Hickey & Hyndman insurance and Jerome came up to compare the 2 quotes. Last year Insurance was with Northbridge and we paid $20604.00 with no pollution.
Jerome switched companies to JLT so the quotes are as follows
Northbridge $19,818.00
Cowan $14,248.00
JLT $14,478.00
JLT has offered 2.5 Million     & 5 Million AGG
Cowan 1 Million & 2 Million AGG to get it to 5 Million extra $565.00
JLT 5 Million per year NO AGG
Cowan 2 Million NO AGG extra $835.00 year
JLT guaranteed for 2 years on the property and 3 years for the Liability.
MOTION moved by John Gillis 2nd by Pat MacLellan and carried
THAT the Municipality go with JLT for Insurance.
e) Cleaners- They have completed the initial clean up and they are going to come back on May 8th, and again on the 15th to clean up before and after the Ceremony for Mike Gallant.
f) Richard Arsenault called to say that he was contacted by GI Adams insurance and they have agreed to pay the $8000.00 for the damages at the Rec Center so the Community will be reimbursed for the $1000.00 deductible.
g) Giselle Bernard was looking to see if there was a Grant to have Solar Panels put in to save some of the cost for the electricity  either at the Rec Center or the Fire hall
h) French Confederation: Wondering if there is any funds available for work being done around the community with the anticipation of having overflow from the museum so the Fire Hall would be used. Peter will check with Giselle on that one.
I) Fisherman’s Wharf:   Hoping to get there when it first opens so that Judy and Frank will be able to come.
j) Corcoran’s: Wanting to have the letter sent out to clean up the property before summer. Peter stated that he will look at the letter again and have it revised.
k) Letter sent to Est of Gerald Hardy about the tenants and the garbage in the yard.
l) TJ’s Place was looking for a donation to finish their Ski Doo Shack on the Campbell Rd. They have numerous sponsors and a lot of residents that use this place.
MOTION moved by by Pat MacLellan 2nd by Ivan Blanchard and carried
THAT a donation of $200.00 be given to TJ’s Place
Will be held on Tuesday, May 10th,7:00 P.M.