COUCNIL MEETING MINUTES- Special Meeting March 28, 2017

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Special Council Meeting
March 28th, 2017

Acting Chairperson Ivan Blanchard called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Ivan Blanchard – Acting Chairperson
Joan Arsenault – Councilor
John Gillis – Councilor
Pat MacLellan – Councilor (Absent)
Ricky Myers- Councilor
Michelle Perry- Administrator


2. Tenders for the contracting upstairs at Fire hall: We have received the Plumbing tenders as well as the Flooring and Painting. After much discussion and since we do not have a general contractor bid Council decided to contact 2 individuals to see if they would be interested in bidding on the project with the intent that the flooring and plumbing tender that was submitted they would use.
Plumbing tender:

MOTION moved by Ricky Myers seconded by Joan Arsenault and carried,
THAT the Plumbing contract be awarded to Gillis Heating John Gillis abstained from voting.

Flooring tender:

Ivan will check with city Flooring to get a sample of the flooring and some information about the Sub Floor.

3. Bingo: Peter give up volunteering for the bingo and since he left Patsy and Sonny and Linda left as well. Council discussed the option of paying the workers and it was suggested to have Robert here at the next monthly meeting to discuss this. Ivan will check with Tracy to see how the money is being paid out at the Legion.

4. Sale of the property Laughlin St. Michelle will contact John Brennan to get the paper work started.

5. By Election: The date for the By election will be held April 18th at 7:00 pm at the fire hall. With nomination from the floor for Chairperson and 1 councilor.

MOTION moved by Joan Arsenault seconded by John Gillis and carried,
THAT Michelle Perry be appointed as the Returning Officer for the By Election Aril 18th, 2017.

Also it will be added to the ad that we will be discussing a donation to the Church to help with the painting, and a donation to the Silver Maples Senior club to help get 500 copies of the History booked printed since they did not receive the grant they applied for.

6. The information about the tax rate staying the same .45 for residential and .90 for Commercial. And also
that Pater Mallet the Chairperson has officially resigned March 16th, 2017

7. Council discussed giving a gift to the ladies who have been preparing the reception after funerals as there has been a few in a row the last week.

MOTION moved by John Gillis seconded by Ricky Myers and carried,
THAT a gift certificate for a meal for Marjorie Gaudet, Ella Caissie, Claire DesRoches and Barb Poirier along with 4 roses be given to them for all their hard work.