COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – Special Meeting – November 4, 2014

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Special Council Meeting
November 4, 2014

Chairperson, Peter Mallett called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Peter Mallett – Chairperson
Ivan Blanchard – Vice-Chairperson
Joan Arsenault – Councilor
John Gillis – Councilor
Ben Murphy – Councilor
Judy Gallant, Administrator
Absent: Mike MacKinnon – Councilor

Peter reported that he and Ivan met with Fire Chief Jason Woodbury, Deputy Fire Chief Paul Perry and firemen Mike Gallant and Billy DesRoches to discuss the used tanker that was for sale in Quebec. Mike and Billy had gone to Quebec to look at the available used tankers that were for sale at Camions Lussier – Lussicam Inc. in Saint-Julie, Quebec. After looking at three trucks they felt that the 2004 Freightliner used oil truck was the best one available. The truck has approximately 488,000 klms and has a caterpillar motor. Peter spoke with a caterpillar dealer about the high mileage on the used truck. The dealer advised him that although it would depend on the service records, which Irvings never release due to liability reasons, he would not have any major concerns about the high mileage. There were some new part put on the truck as well as new tires and it has an aluminum tank for water. The purchase price is $45,000.00 plus HST and the seller will paint the truck red, inspect it and guarantee the truck for 30 days and could be driven back to the Island. Since the purchase would include the entire truck, chassis and tank and already be painted red this should help to reduce the additional cost of having the truck modified to operate as a fire truck tanker. Following discussion:

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard, seconded by John Gillis and carried,
THAT we purchase the 2004 used Freightliner former oil truck from Camions
Lussier-Lussicam Inc. In Quebec at a cost of $45,000.00 plus HST

Council was further advised that the seller would want a deposit on the purchase price before they would begin the paint work.

Judy advised Council that we have received a payment of $200.00
on  outstanding sewer charges leaving a balance of $337.79.
Judy advised that we have received a payment of $150.00 on  outstanding sewer charges leaving a balance of $303.68. The resident also advised Peter that they will be making monthly payments until the account is paid in full.

Council was reminded that there will be an Official Announcement ceremony held at the
Rec Centre on Wednesday November 5th. Minister Ron MacKinley and MLA Sonny Gallant will be attendance as well as representatives from the Community of Wellington and Wellington Fire Dept who have also received funding through the Island Community Fund.

5. Rec Centre Renovations – Outside Lighting

6. Rec Centre Renovations – Additional Outside Lighting
Council reviewed a quote we received from R.I.K.S. Electric to supply and install 4 new Exterior LED light fixtures to replace the existing lights at a cost of $1,950.00 plus HST. Following discussion Council agreed with the purchase of the new lights.