COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES- Special Meeting January 30th, 2019

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Special Council Meeting
January 30th, 2019

Mayor Albert Gallant called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M.

Albert Gallant – Mayor
Allan Parks – Deputy Mayor
Jacqueline Lecky- Councillor (Absent)
Pat MacLellan – Councillor (Absent)
John Searle- Councillor
Ivan Blanchard- Councillor
Joan Arsenault – Councillor ( Absent)
Michelle Perry- Administrator

WSP: Luc Van Hul and Russell MacKay and Operator of Lagoon Preston Sililker

Luc wanted to speak with council to make sure that everyone was on the same page on what needs to be done to get upgrades done to the West Lagoon. He stated that there was a design study done in 2002 and to his knowledge everything was eventually going to transferred from the West Lagoon to the East Lagoon. And that council will need to decide if they want to spend a couple million dollars on creating a new Lagoon in the west and then in a couple of years have to spend a million dollars to upgrade the East Lagoon. He stated that WSP can definitely do another design study and see what the options are for the West Lagoon to see if a polishing pond will fit or wet lands depending what land they will have to work with. He definitely knows that it will need to properly fenced in and a disinfection system will need to be put in, and depending what the environment will tell them that needs to be done to meet the requirements. Luc also stated that it can take about 2 months to get the study done and that it can cost anywhere from $12,000.00 – $20,000.00.

Council thanked Luc and Russell for coming out and Albert stated that he will take this back to council to let them make the decision on what they want to go with in the Lagoon and he will be in touch.