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Special Council Meeting
October 24th, 2016
Chairperson Peter Mallett called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
Peter Mallett – Chairperson
Ivan Blanchard – Vice-Chairperson
Joan Arsenault – Councillor
John Gillis – Councillor
Pat MacLellan – Councillor
Ricky Myers – Councillor
Michelle Perry- Adminstrator

2. Preston Silkier was speaking with John Gillis about Videoing the line on main street. Preston suggested that they wait till the spring or summer to have this done. Preston will line a company at the same time they do the sewer flushing and have it video at the same time to see if the lines need to be replaced.

At this time the Fire Department Executive came in to the meeting Jason Woodbury, Chief Paul Perry Deputy Chief, Mitchell Myers Secretary, and Jamie Cormier Treasurer.

3. PO : Council wanted the Fire Dept to use the PO for anything over $200.00. Jason stated that he would use PO for anything besides equipment replacement. Jason stated that the safety officer decides if the equipment needs to be replaced and when it needs to be replaced. All the bunker gear is fitted to that person so when ordering this equipment it takes longer from the company as they are special ordered. Each firefighter has a 6 month probation and it cost an average of over 5000.00 for 1 fire fighter to get trained and outfitted in gear. He also stated that if a fire fighter gets hurt on the job and the equipment is not up to standards then WCB doesn’t pay. Council realizes this issue Council is not denying anybody of equipment they want to work closely with the fire department. John Gillis just wanted to compliment Jason on the fantastic job he is doing running the fire department and that Council appreciates the fire department as they are a big part in the community. The council just want the fire department to run on PO as council has to answer the tax payers as this is their money that is being spent. Jason has agreed again to use the PO and a letter will be sent to him on the steps that will need to be followed. Something to look at in the new year is the fire department budget and have a meeting with them before budget to see if they are going to be ordering new bunker gear and about how many they think will need to be replaced. Executive are aware that nothing can be spent from December 31 to end of March besides day to day.

4. Fund-raising: Peter asked executive if they had any plans for the money that they would make with Chase the Ace, and if they wanted to give some money to their truck fund which Council has set up for them they can contribute anytime. Jason said that he will bring it up at the next meeting. Jason wanted to advise Peter that he fought hard for the fire department to keep the bingo’s and if he would have gotten a chance to break a tie vote they would be still doing it.

5. Canada Day: Next year July 1st the community is planning on celebrations for the community as it is their 200 anniversary and Canada 150. There is a meeting October 25th at 7.00 and council would like to have a member of the fire department at the meeting for the planning, as they are trying to get a member from each business involved with the planning. Paul Perry said that he will attend the first meeting.

At this time John Gillis left the meeting 7:20 pm.
October 24th, 2016

6. Christmas Party: Council wanted to know if their was better way in ordering the plates so that there is not a lot of them left over that would have to be paid for. It was suggested that they put their names down and if they do not show up then they will have to pay for the plate. Jason said he will take it to the next meeting.

At this time the Fire Department Executive left the meeting 7:30 pm.

7. New Business: ACOA grant. They wanted to know when the project for renovations upstairs was going to start and finish, and they also needed to have the quote from Wellington Construction resubmitted with out the 2 offices and the insulation on the exterior walls.

Sidewalks: Ivan stated that there is a crack through the new sidewalk, and he was not sure if it was the one that was done last year or this year. Peter said that Matthew Fortier will be up for the final inspection.


Next meeting Regular Monthly Meeting November 8th, 7:00pm