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Regular Monthly Meeting
November 13, 2013

Chairperson, Peter Mallett, called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Peter Mallett – Chairperson
Ivan Blanchard – Vice Chairperson
Joan Arsenault – Councilor
John Gillis – Councilor
Ben Murphy – Councilor
Mike MacKinnon – Councilor
Judy Gallant – Administrator
And: Jason Woodbury – Fire Chief and Paul Perry – Deputy Fire Chief And: Robert Gallant – Manager of Rec Centre


– Sewer rotational Cleaning has now been completed. – Maintenance Tractor front bucket – Council advised that when not being used, it can be left outside the new maintenance storage building .
– Paul Gaudet – Council was advised that our maintenance worker, Bobby DesRoches, had Paul Gaudet give him instructions on the operation of the new maintenance tractor . This took approximately 3 ½ hours and he was wondering what the Community was willing to pay Paul for his instructional time. Council members agreed to pay Paul $12.00 per hour.
– Substitute Operator for Sidewalk Cleaning – Council was advised that Paul Gaudet was willing to substitute any time our maintenance worker, Bobby DesRoches was not available to clear the snow from the sidewalks with our maintenance tractor. Peter and or Ivan will speak with Bobby concerning this matter.
– Additional Charges for Maintenance Tractor – Council was advised that the maintenance
tractor did not have a 3 valve PTO and in order to operate the additional equipment for the tractor, snow blower, sander etc. one had to be installed at a cost of $649.80. This was done by Corcoran Farm Supply. Following discussion Council approved the additional fee of $649.80.
– Additional Lights for Maintenance Tractor – Council was advised that our maintenance worker
Bobby DesRoches had asked if we could have additional lights installed on the maintenance tractor. One on the back to light up the area immediately behind the tractor and two on the front to better light up the area immediately around the tractor when operating it after dark. The current headlights are situated low on the front of the tractor and do not provide enough light when operating any add on equipment on the tractor. Following discussion, Council agreed to the installation of three additional lights on the maintenance tractor.
3. FIRE DEPT REPORTS (At this time Jason Woodbury and Paul Perry came into the meeting.) Jason and Paul gave the following reports:
– Jaws Spreaders – The firemen have started training on the new jaws spreaders and they have
reported that they are much easier to handle then the older, heavier set. The old spreaders have been donated to the Victoria Fire Department. – Firemens’ Xmas Party is set for Saturday, December 14th at the Miscouche Legion and the Firemen will need to know how many Councilors and spouses will be attending tot they can order the meals.
– Old Ladders and Generator – There are several old ladders in the fire department that are no
longer being used by the fire department and Jason asked if the maintenance department wanted them, along with the old generator which might be good enough to use as a power backup at the lift stations. Council would like to have an electrician check out the old generator to see if it can be fixed and used at the lift stations.
– The dash on the new fire truck has been repaired again.

– Jason provided Ivan with the names of some of the firemen who have reached their 25 year
of service mark and will be getting their 25 year pins.
– Mock Exercise – The fire department will be participating in a large mock exercise in May of
2014 and will probably be using the Rec Centre during that exercise.
– Insurance Company – Jason reported that neither the PEI Mutual nor the home owner have paid
the bill yet for the dozer that had to be hired at the fire scene last year. Following discussion Peter
advised that he will try to set a meeting with PEI Mutual again to discuss this matter Council thanked Jason and Paul for their attendance and Jason and Paul then left the meeting.
4. REC CENTRE REPORTS (At this time Robert Gallant, Manager of the Rec Centre came into the meeting)
– Bookings – Robert reported that he has taken a booking for the Acadian Fishermen’s Family
Xmas Party which will take place on Saturday afternoon, December 7, 2013.
– Floor Cleaning – Robert has obtained a quote to have the floors scrubbed and waxed again . The
quote is for $900.00 plus HST.
– Bingo attendances are averaging 105 people each week.
– Questionnaire – Council advised Robert to begin passing out the questionnaire to the bingo
– Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – Robert advised that he has spoken with the members of
Seniors Club and they had advised that they are willing to put on a the supper again this year on Thursday, November 28th. The cost will be $12.00 per plate. We will need to provide the seniors with the number of people who will be attending. – Meeting for Volunteers – A meeting will be set up with the volunteers to discuss various issues relating to the Rec Centre including the “free bingo passes” for the volunteers. – Cleaning of Rec Centre Floors:

MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Joan Arsenault and carried,
THAT we hire someone to the clean and wax the floors at the Rec Centre again this year at the estimated cost of $1000.00.
Council thanked Robert for his attendance and Robert then left the meeting.


MOTION moved by Ben Murphy, seconded by Ivan Blanchard and carried,
THAT the minutes of the October 9, 2013 regular monthly meeting be approved as presented.

a) Storage Building – Following discussion

MOTION moved by Mike MacKinnon, seconded by Ben Murphy and carried,
THAT we have security bars installed on the inside of the windows of the new maintenance storage building.

b) Unsightly Properties – – Main Drive West Council was advised that , a certified building inspector would not be available
to do the inspection for us until November 16th or 17th. Peter will contact him  to set up a time to meet with him on either the 16th or 17th of November.
c) Outstanding Sewer Charges Judy advised that out of the seven property owners who received registered letters relating to
their outstanding sewer bills, one has been paid in full, one has been sold and the majority of the sewer charges have been paid and the new owner will be responsible for the balance, one has less than $20.00 still owing. Out of the remaining four accounts, 1 still has not made any payments on his account which now stands at $539.97, three have made payments but they each still owe the following amounts;  – $357.42,  – $189.97 and  – $544.51. Following discussion Council members agreed that registered letters be sent to the 4 residents  advising them that due to their failure to make full payment of their outstanding sewer charges by the October 31st deadline as requested in our previous letters to them, arrangements are now being made to have their sewer service disconnected on November 28th, 2013 unless we received the full balance owing on their account before November 28, 2013.
d) St. John the Baptist Parish – Request for donation for the cemetery’s Memorial Statue for Names of Unmarked Graves.
(At this time John Gillis and Ivan Blanchard, being members of the St. John the Baptist Parish Committees, left the meeting.)
Following discussion:

MOTION moved by Ben Murphy, seconded by Mike MacKinnon and carried, THAT the Community donate the sum of $1,500.00 to St. John the Baptist Parish Cemetery Fund to go towards the cost of erecting an engraved Memorial Statue for the Names of those
in Unmarked graves.

Peter reported that similar request has been sent to Acadian Purchase Trust for a donation towards the memorial statue and he will be speaking with fellow trustees, Albert Gallant and Wayne Poirier about the request.
John and Ivan returned to the meeting.

e) Rec Centre Activities. Mike reported that the Youth activities have closed down until after Christmas and he expects that
they will begin again in January of 2014.
a) Fire Dept .
Ivan reported that there will be 4 firemen who will be marking their 25th year of service on the Fire Department and he asked Council if they wanted him to purchase engraved watches for these four firemen as has been done in the past for any fireman who has reached 25 years of service . He estimates the cost would be approximately $150.00 each.

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard, seconded by Mike MacKinnon and carried,
THAT we purchase four engraved watches to be presented to 4 firemen who have reached their
25 years of service on the Fire Department at a cost of approximately $150.00 each.

b) Rec Centre: Already discussed.

c) Planning Board:
Building Permits
–  to do repairs and upgrades to 59 Lady Slipper Drive North
d) Sewer – Already discussed.
e) Acadian Purchase Trust – Royalties – Judy advised that we have received copies of the shipping
records for the period April 1st to October 31st, 2013 and a notice was sent to Miscouche Peat (Annapolis Valley Peat) for royalties due on peat moss in the amount of $2,035.27.
f) Firehall Maintenance & Street Lights
– Parking Lot – Council was advised that the parking lot between the firehall and the museum is
beginning to break up badly and needs to be redone. Since the Museum actually owns the parking lot, with the Community only having the right to use it this issue will need to be addressed to the Museum or the Provincial Government to see if it could be repaved. – Exhaust Outside Seniors Club – Council was advised that the outside exhaust fan that the seniors club had installed last year is sticking out over the sidewalk and is quite low and could pose a safety hazard to anyone walking along the sidewalk and should be removed. Following discussion Joan agreed to speak to the Seniors Club President about Council’s concerns about the fan. In the alternative to removing the fan it was suggested that a wooden salt container box be placed under the outside fan.
g) Community Improvements – Nothing new to report.
h) Finance – Judy advised that another $50,000.00 has now been invested in a two year term
“reserve fund for future capital expenses or debt retirement” at the Credit Union as set out in this year’s budget.


MOTION moved by Mike MacKinnon, seconded by Ivan Blanchard and carried,
THAT the payment of the following bills totaling $109,214.96 is approved.

a) Prince County Hospital – Annual Lights for Life Campaign

MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Mike MacKinnon and carried,
THAT the sum of $100.00 be donated to the Prince County Hospital Lights for Life

b) Sister Della Gaudet – Proposal for “2014″ Celebration Council was advised by Peter that we have received a copy of a letter which was sent to the
Miscouche CWL, from Sister Della Gaudet, a former teacher who taught in Miscouche, offering to put on a presentation in 2014 to mark not only the 150th anniversary of PEI but also to mark the 150th anniversary of Miscouche parish being one of the first to have a convent-school which received boarders as well as day students. A copy of this letter was also sent by Sister Della to Father Albin Arsenault. Following discussion, Council members agreed that they would be in favor of Sister Della’s offer to put on the presentation and John advised that he would speak to the Parish Council.

c) New Years Levee: Ivan asked Council to give some consideration to the Council hosting a New
Year’s Levee this year. It could be for an hour or so.

10. NEXT MEETING – Will be held on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.