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Monthly Council Meeting
May 9th, 2017

Chairperson Ivan Blanchard called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
Ivan Blanchard – Chairperson
John Gillis – Councilor
Pat MacLellan – Councilor
Ricky Myers- Councilor
Joan Arsenault – Councilor
Michelle Perry- Administrator


Absent – Fire Chief- Jason Woodbury

2. FIRE DEPT REPORT: Chief Jason Woodbury was not available to give a report.
a) Summer Party is set for June the 3rd and the fire department was looking for $600.00 for food for the party.

MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried,
THAT the Fire Department pay for the food and submit the bill to be reimbursed.

b) With the renovations being done upstairs there was concerned about keeping the upstairs cleaned and it was suggested to have some of the younger fire fighters clean it and be paid for it. It was discussed and Council was not going to pay the fire fighters to have them clean their space since the cleaners come once a week to do it.
c) Pools being filled: With spring coming Council wanted to make it clear that the fire department will not fill any pools with exception of a member of the Fire Department as this maybe become a liability issue in case there was a fire.
d) Cleaning: Travis has started to clean and wax the trucks

MOTION moved by Pat MacLellan, seconded by Joan Arsenault and carried,
THAT Travis Gaudet be paid $600.00 for the cleaning and waxing of the Fire Trucks.

a)Quotes for the repairs on the Snow blower: Council has received 3 quotes for the repairs on the snow blower

At this time Ricky Myers left the meeting as he had a tender in for the repairs.

MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried,
THAT the tender be awarded to Ricky Myers to repair the Snow Blower and the Salt Spreader for $2500.00

4.REC CENTER REPORTS: At this time Robert Gallant manager of the Rec Center came into the meeting.
a) There is another Bingo Group leaving so they will be down to 3 if they switch some people around from the other groups Robert will contact all the volunteers to set up a meeting next week to see if any of the volunteers wanted to be paid or continue with a bingo pass. They will need at least 6 people and 1 caller per paid group to run the bingo’s
c) The lawn will be rolled within the next few weeks at the Rec Center
d) Robert requested again that some siding be put on the garbage shed.
e) The floor scrubber: Robert did not make the deal of $2500.00 with the seller as the seller was away he will contact him this week.

Council thanked Robert and he left the meeting

5. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: April 11th, 2017 and Special Meeting April 18th, 2017

MOTION moved by Ricky Myers, seconded by Robin Gillis and carried,
THAT the minutes of the April 11th, 2017 and Special Meeting of April 18th, 2017 be approved as presented.


a) An unsigned letter from a concerned Resident about the donation to the church was read by Pat MacLellan.

b) Renovations Upstairs: Renovations are going good that have almost completed all the flooring and the bathrooms are almost done. Skate Park Jacqueline was waiting on 2 quotes for the concrete. Michelle spoke with ACOA and the renovations are suppose to be completed by June 30 but we can extend it as long as we let them know.
c) Donation to the church painting: because of the conflict of interest Robin Gillis did not participate in this discussion. after discussing what the residents were saying at the special meeting and that there was no one really opposed to the donation at the meeting.

John Gillis put a motion on the floor to donate $15000.00

Pat MacLellan explained that he spoke with John Dewey from the FPEIM and this was not recommend to do this donation there is no law that states that they can not as this is a very gray area. Pat suggested to give a donation but not the $15000.00 to meet in the middle.

MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Ricky Myers and carried,
THAT the St John the Baptist Church be given $15000.00 for the painting of the exterior of the church.
Pat voted No Joan Yes Ricky Yes John Yes.

d) Rustico Annual Dinner: The dinner this year will be on June 10th, 2017 at 6:30 pm and Ricky stated that he will drive the van and Ivan will get it rented.

a) Fire Dept: Nothing more to discuss
b) Planning Board- Building Permits- 2 building permits were given out 9 Iris Court new House build and Arlington Orchard building a piece on the back of the Apple Orchard Stand.
c) Sewer: 57 Lady Slipper Dr S was in to discuss his billing and he stated that yes he does have a apartment above the garage however he does not rent it out and he only uses it for family.

MOTION moved by Ricky Myers, seconded by Robin Gillis and carried,
THAT the  Sewer rate for 57 Lady Slipper Dr S be changed back to $155.00

Villa: Since the Villa has not been charged correctly over the years we are trying to get them back on track billing wise. Michelle had spoke with the manager at the Villa and explained to her that she should be billed by the number of residents 20 and not the toilets. The manager wanted to have the bill looked at again as this is a big increase going from $288.00 last year to $620.00 this year.

MOTION moved by Pat MacLellan seconded by Ricky Myers and carried,
THAT the Villa be charged $480.00 this year and then next year be bumped up to $620.00 to get them back on track to the correct billing.

d) Firehall Maintenance & Street Lights:
e) Community Improvements: Bobby and Monty went around the community and marked down all the damages that were done by highways over the winter. Need to have an email sent to head of maintenance so we have a paper trail or have a meeting set up with Steven Yeo and Sonny Gallant to get these issues fixed.
Unsightly Property: Allen Lecky properties are in the bank hands. It was suggested to offer 10,000.00 for each property 4 in total for the community to buy but they will have to get all 4 as a package. Michelle will get a hold of the real estate to make the deal.
Send a letter to 4 Main Dr W to have the mess cleaned up behind the building  as there is more stuff there than last year.
f) Finance:


MOTION moved by John Gillis seconded by Ricky Myers and carried,
THAT the payment of the following bills totaling $33,567.08 is approved.

a) Canada 150: Since the community missed out on a grant for the celebrations and they are planning a 2 day event on July 1 and 2nd with the History Book of Miscouche on the 2nd the committee was asking for a budget on what they can spend for the activities on this day. Pancake Breakfast, Parade, BBQ, Games for the Kids Dance for Adults Saturday Night. And a luncheon on the second day before the book launch.

MOTION moved by John Gillis seconded by Pat MacLellan and carried,
THAT the Canada 150 Committee be given a budget of $5000.00 for the 2 days event on July 1st, and July 2nd 2017.

Since the Community misses out on a lot of grants Ivan and John were speaking with Jonathon Gallant and him and his wife are willing to help find some grants that the Community might be interested in applying for.

b) Chairperson Ivan Blanchard appointed Pat MacLellan as Vice Chairperson and Pat MacLellan accepted this position.
c) Signing Power for the accounts: Chairperson Ivan Blanchard stated that Peter Mallett was removed off the accounts and there needed to be 1 more person to sign checks along with Ivan Blanchard and Michelle Perry. Pat MacLellan has accepted the position.

MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Ricky Myers and carried,
THAT the Pat MacLellan be the new signing power on the accounts with Ivan Blanchard and Michelle Perry.

d) Taxi Stand: There is a resident in Miscouche who wants to have a Taxi in Miscouche. Michelle has
checked with the Municipal Affairs, and they stated that since Miscouche does not have a By-Law for this the resident can have Taxi in the Community and that the Community may want to update there By-Laws in the future
Ivan Blanchard suggested that in the fall everyone should take the By-Laws home and read over them and see where they want to make changes.
e) Kelly Banfield has contact the office in regards to using the Rec Center to start an after school program based on the community schools program except it would be for kids and she would look after it but Kelly would have volunteer students running the program. Council has agreed to let her use the facility as there will no cost to the community.
f) Antoinette Dr Resident that was having issue with water going into the property, Ivan spoke with the resident and the government garage and the government is putting a new culvert in as the one that is there is to small.
g) Meals for the ladies who do the funeral luncheon. Ivan did not have time to get this done yet and Joan will get him a list of the ladies and drop it off to him so he can get a certificate for a dinner for them.
h) Fire Dues: the unpaid balance from last year he is to be paid out on December’s check from the Fire District. No Action required.
i) Carbon Tax: Since Council is apposed to the Carbon Tax bill they want to write a letter to the Premier and MLA Sonny Gallant about it. Robin and Michelle will draft a letter for council to read and make changes before it is sent.
j) Kelly Dr: There are 2 German Shepard that have an electric fence however the dogs fence is close to the sidewalk and when someone is walking the dogs charge up to the fence and scare people cause they are not sure that they are going to stop. Pat will go to there house and talk to them as they are very nice dogs but just a little intimating to people.
k) Sewer Lines: There will be 4 sewer lines fixed this week. 42, 40 and 37 Main Dr E and 20 Main Dr W
l) Street Light: When you are coming into Miscouche from West it is very dark before the Community sign. Pat suggested that we put a street light on pole 69588, Michelle will call and have this done.
j) Meeting on May 16 at the Credit Union Place for the New Municipal Government Act there will be 3 Council Members and Michelle will be attending.
k) John requested that Monty and Bobby get a hold of him to go over the cleaning of the heat pumps.
l) Ivan read a invitation to the 200th Anniversary of Miscouche which is happening on July 2nd and also a thank you letter from the Silver Maples Seniors Club for the generous donation for the publication of the History book. They have also donated back 1000.00 that they have received from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 18 to help to get the book published.
m) PCH Foundation sent an invitation to the annual meeting on may 17th at 6 pm for generous donors. Joan Arsenault said that she would attend on behalf of council.

11. NEXT MEETING: June 13th, 2017