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Regular Monthly Meeting
June 14th , 2016


Chairperson, Peter Mallett called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.


Peter Mallett – Chairperson
Ivan Blanchard – Vice-Chairperson
John Gillis – Councilor
Ricky Myers – Councilor
Pat MacLellan – Councilor
Joan Arsenault- Councilor
Michelle Perry- Administrator

2. FIRE DEPARTMENT: Council had a discussion on how to set some guideline for the Fire Department. Accountant advised that it was not a good idea to give the Fire Department part of there budget money, They would have to submit the bills and have a public meeting at the year end and it was not a good idea for us to give up the HST portion of it.
So the councilor agreed to make a plan of action for the Fire Department.

a) Purchase Orders: they will need to get a purchase order for anything over $200.00 and that if it was possible to have 2 quotes on anything over $1500.00. This way we would have a better inventory on what was being bought.
b) Mileage: The only thing that Mileage would be paid out for is for training and meetings, not for taking the truck in to get it fixed.
c) September trip: Councilor have decided to put a cap on the food allowance for the September trip to $50.00 a day and $15.00 ad day when in transit. And that the council will not be paying for the use of the Bar fridge at the hotel.
d) Junior Fire Fighters Scholarship: The Fire department we looking into getting a Scholarship going for the Junior Fire Fighters that are graduating and they sent a letter to see if the council would contribute to this. Council wanted to know more about and will ask Jason when he comes into the meeting but they have decided that they would give $250.00 but they wanted to have a committee set up to look after this, and that this money may have to come out of there budget as there is a lot of Junior Fire Fighters that do not live in the community.

3. MAINTENANCE REPORTS: Storm drain on the main road  is washing away Peter will call highways tomorrow to have them come out to look at it.
Monty and Bobby are building a workbench in the shed. The picnic tables are installed and chained down and the 2 signs have been fixed, 1 by the Country Oven and the other by the walk between the School and Steeple View Heights.

4. REC CENTER REPORTS: Pistol shooting guy Daniel Savoie has sent a check for a donation for using the Rec Center last fall/winter in the mail.
Robert said that the lights that Wayne Bernard replaced in the canteen are still not working properly so he has contacted Wayne and he was going to come back out and have a look.


MOTION moved by John Gillis, seconded by Ricky Myers and carried,
THAT the minutes of the May 10th 2016 meeting be approved as presented.

a) Ivan spoke with Allen Lecky Son and he stated that the properties on 19-20 Wilfred Street were going to be taking over by the bank. Allen’s family was going to go over there this weekend and clean up the property a bit before the bank takes it over. Council suggested that when the sticker goes up to send a letter to the bank to have them clean up the property
b) Ivan got a price on getting pictures taken at Heckberts . $59.95 for the sitting and $237.00 for a 11×14. It was suggested to check with Noella Arsenault as she takes pictures and she did the pictures for the fire department.
c) 2 sheds on a property: Peter looked through the by-laws and there was nothing that he found that stated that there could not be 2 sheds on a property.
d) Water Softener machine was replaced in the furnace room.
e) John DesRoches is going to do the Lift station road and he will not do it till Mid summer.
f) Unsightly Property:  JC Security was out and delivered the clean up order on Friday.
g) Red Cross: 1000.00 donation was given to the Red Cross for the Alberta appeal, Ivan wanted to know if he could write up something for the paper to have it published that the donation was given.

At this time Jason Woodbury and Paul Perry came in to give their report.

a) Junior Fire Fighters: Jason did not know much about this as it was not discussed at a meeting just what was sent to him by Doug Trowsdale on the intentions of the scholarship. This would be open to Three Oaks and the E’cole du Evangline. Peter advised that the village would contribute the $250.00 towards this however he would like a committee to over this.
b) Website; Jason asked if the council would be interested in setting up a website to promote the community and the fire department would piggy back off the web site. He said that it around $ 800.00 per year to manage it and it cost about $1000.00 to get set up.
c) Annual Hose Testing: They had there annual hose testing on Monday night and they was 4 lengths of hose that needs to be replaced as there is holes in them. And the wench cable on the fast rescue is frayed and needs to be replaced. Jason was going to check with Johnny Doucette to see where he gets his.
d) Emergency Plan: Peter asked Jason that maybe next month he could come and do a presentation to council about the emergency plan. Jason said that EMO does free courses throughout the year on the emergency plan and he will find out if they are having one up this way and advised that all council should go to the course.

e) Fluorescent Lights: There was a case of lights that were purchased for upstairs out of Ontario and Peter wanted to know what they were for. Jason said that he was called by the company and that Robert gave him his number and he bought them for the bay area and upstairs.
Peter explained of the new guideline that were set up for the fire department, and that now they will require a purchase order for anything over $200.00 Jason thought that was a good idea but he did not want to be waiting for a week to get one Peter advised that this would be no more than a day to get one. He also explained that anything over $1500.00 would need 2 quotes if possible. Jason advised that he deals with 1 company for equipment and safety gear and that he would not be getting 2 quotes for that but he did agree that 2 quotes on other stuff was a good idea.
Meal cap for the trip to Ottawa, Jason advised that they will be looking for $75.00 a day and that was the standard meal allowance across the board.
Mileage: It was discussed about the Mileage that was being paid out, and Jason stated that it was hard enough to get volunteers to do stuff for the fire department and that he was monitoring this when they are submitted.
Pagers: There was 3 new pagers bought and they were given to Fire Fighters that take care of their equipment. They are short some pagers and the reason being is that some of the fire fighters don’t take care of there stuff, and they have been given pagers and then have broken them.
Paul stated that the ½ truck has rust on the fender and should be looked into before it gets to bad.

At this time council thanked Jason and Paul and they left the meeting.

a) Fire Dept: They had 3 calls last month, and the Junior Fire Fighter are going to do the last Bingo in July for the Fire Department to raise money for the trip to Ottawa.
b) Building Permits- None
c) Sewer: Sonny Dugay had an issue at his place and John said that he will be bring the bill and the Village will pay for 1 length of the pipe from the road in.
Joan DesRoches had an issue at her house on Wilfred Street and JC drilling did that one and we will be getting the bill, and Ron MacLeod had to have his pipe dug up as well and we will receive the bill on that one as well from Kensington Septic.
There is a sewer grant that came out for waste water and peter was talking to Preston and he stated that there may need to be work done at the west lagoon but it is not pressing at this time. Peter called Luc Van Hul at WSP and was asking him some question about the lagoon and he stated that near in the future that every lagoon system is going to have to have a UV station. It was discussed that there was study done years ago that the west lagoon could be combined with the lift station and then air rated. Council has decided that at this time they will not go for the grant and they will look into this further to see what there options are.


MOTION moved by John Gillis 2nd by Pat MacLellan and carried
THAT the payment of the following bills totaling $46,743.02 is approved.

a) Hire a Student we have 2 students under the grant for 8 weeks each and they will need to have their first aid.
b) Sidewalks: MacAusland Concrete was looking at the sidewalks and they have submitted a quote to replace 45 blocks at $150.00 plus HST and that is breaking them up hauling them away and replacing with 1 year warranty they will start right away and it will take about 1 week to complete since this is a liability issues if someone falls they decided to replace them. Quote was $6750.00 plus HST $7695.00.

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard 2nd by John Gillis and carried
THAT 45 blocks of sidewalk be replaced by MacAusland Concrete. Joan Arsenault abstained from the vote

c) Sidewalks Kelly Drive: peter met with Matthew Fortier and since there is a slope in the road going down to Monaghan and then it lays flat after Monaghan they are worried about how much water will pool there, so they have presented 3 options.
1. To put a temporary pipe in after Monaghan and then when they dig it up next year there is a possibility that they will not be able to use it again.
2.Just do 300 meters
3. Do to Monaghan this year and put the proper pipe in passed Monaghan 20 meters and cover it up so that next year when they do more sidewalks the correct pipe will be in place

Council decided to go with option 3 Peter will call Matthew tomorrow and let him know.

d) Letter for donation from St John the Baptist Church. They are looking for a donatien to help with the painting of the church and house and garage, which they plan to do by next year. They have a estimate of 30,000.00 to 50,000.00.
Council agreed to send a letter that they will support them but it was not established as to the amount at this time as any major contribution would have to go to a public meeting.
e) Parking Lot: Peter was talking to Sonny and he wanted to know if they wanted it done this year or next year Council said this year
f) Bursary: The Committee for the community Bursary has picked a recipient it is Sydney Strongman we will do up a letter for graduation and they have her come to the office for a photo opt and presentation of the check.
g) FPEIM was looking for a community to host the annual meeting. After going over the criteria as to what they were looking for council was not interested at this time.
h) pat was at a seminar last week with Doug Griffis on 12 ways to kill your community. He stated that it was very informative and he gave some very good points on what to do to better your community.

Will be held on Tuesday, July 12th,7:00 P.M