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Monthly Council Meeting
April 9th, 2019

Mayor Albert Gallant called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Albert Gallant – Mayor
Allan Parks – Deputy Mayor
Jacqueline Lecky- Councillor
Pat MacLellan – Councillor
John Searle- Councillor
Ivan Blanchard- Councillor
Joan Arsenault – Councillor
Michelle Perry- Administrator

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Albert Gallant declared a conflict of interest in 7 c)

3. FIRE DEPARTMENT: John Searle gave the following report: In the past year there wew 95 calls and 71 were medical 75% are in Miscouche. The Fire department are wanting to know why the Government are not paying the department for this. This may have to be looked into after the election. The department had 7 calls last month, and it has been decided that Doug Billy, Paul and Jason will be going to Ottawa this year, and Jason will be paying his own way. The monument is going good and they have sent letters to residence of the community asking for funds to contribute to this ad they have been getting very positive feed back. The summer party will be in June this year and Jason and Paul are spearheading it. They are looking to have it at the fire hall and to have the axe throwing company come out. Jason announced his nomination for the election, and council had some questions as to will he still be chief if he gets elected or will this be a conflict of interest.

4. MAINTENANCE REPORT: Michelle gave the following report: Monty got an estimate for a T-bar handle for the trimmer that was purchased last year, and it was $240.00 to buy the handles but $290.00 to trade it in with a new one that included the handle.

MOTION moved by Pat Maclellan seconded by John Searle and carried
THAT the trimmer be traded in for a new one with the handles.

Southwest welding is fixing the hooks for the swing set at the park and they should be done this week.
Grass cutting on Laughlin. Because the community owns the property Monty wanted to know if he was to cut the grass on the property.

MOTION moved by Pat MacLellan seconded by Allan Parks and carried
THAT the Community takes care of the maintenance on the Property at the end of Laughlin.

5. REC CENTER REPORT: Jacqueline gave the following report. One of the heat pumps is down at the Rec Center and Gillis Heating was called in to have a look at it. It was determined that it was low on gas and it was filled up again. Michelle received a call from a bingo player that there was cheating going on at the Bingo, and some of them that are cheating are workers. Council discussed it and wanted to know if Robert could eliminate the game and try playing something else that does not require to buy new cards. Also we have received a quote to have the LED put in the Rec Center that would qualify for the Energy rebate. Council wanted to get another quote so Allan will contact an electrician and have them give a quote.

6. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Meeting minutes for February 12th, 2019 be approved as presented.

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard seconded by John Searle and carried
THAT the minutes for March 12th, Special Meeting March 13th, 27th, and 29th 2019 be approved as presented.


a) Letter about Wilfred St Dog Issue: council has received a letter from the resident son about the neighbours dog on Wilfred St. The letter was read and council discussed that they will need to create a Dog By Law in the near future.
b) Issue at the Corner of Main & Lady Slipper: Council had a meeting with Stephen Yeo and he will do up plans to put an Island back and bring this back to council for approval He is hoping to have the project competed by July 1st 2019.
c)Letter to extend the boundaries: At this time Albert declared a conflict of interest and left the meeting. The public was asked to leave the meeting so council could discuss.
Allan Parks took over as Mayor: A letter was received to extend the boundaries of Miscouche. Council decided to table this until they get more information.

MOTION moved by Jacqueline Lecky seconded by Ivan Blanchard and carried
THAT Extending the Boundaries of Miscouche be tabled at this time till more information has been obtained.

At this time Albert and the members of the public came back into the room.

a) Fire Dept: Already discussed
b) Planning Board- Building Permits- 17 Heritage new House, 32 Main Dr E New House and Storage Shed, 32 Lady Slipper Dr N Storage Shed, 11 Lady Slipper Dr S, Addition to storage shed.
c) Sewer: Bills: Bills were sent out and payment were coming in.
d) Firehall Maintenance & Street Lights: Lady Slipper Dr S going to put the request in to add 2 street lights.
e) Community Improvements: Development next to Scooter’s: Ivan will check with the buyer to see if he was going to develop the land this year. He will also need a Zone change for the property. The owner also wanted to know if he could haul fill in before the zone change. It is his property.

f) Finance: Proposal from CIBC council looked over the proposal and have decided at this time that they are happy with their present bank

MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by John Searle and carried
THAT the community stay with the bank that they are currently using, .


MOTION moved by Allan Parks seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the payment of the following bills totaling $26,522.96 is approved.

a) Dogs on Kelly Dr: There was a complaint about dogs not contained to their property. A letter was sent to the home owner.
b) Kids Skate Park: Complaint was received by neighbour adjacent to the skate park that the kids were crossing through the yard, and they were scared that one of them were going to get hit, as the homeowner doesn’t always see them when they are pulling into their driveway. They were requesting some sort of fencing that would deter the kids away from their yard. Council will look into this to see if the fencing at the lagoon will work.
c) Resolution for Gas Tax Fund: Michelle applied for the Gas funding to be used towards finishing Laughlin Street Culd de Sac so the lots can be sold and she is also filling out a ICIP grant for the New West Lagoon Project.

MOTION moved by John Searle seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the application be completed to use the Gas Tax money to complete the Laughlin St Culd de Sac so the lots can be sold.

MOTION moved by John Searle seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the application be completed for the ICIP funding for the New West Lagoon Project.

d) Upgrades to Seniors Room: Seniors are getting the room painted and wanted to know if they can take out the vent that is not being used and fill the wall in. Council gave approval for this.
e) Hickey & Hyman Insurance Proposal: Council received a proposal from Insurance company for the Property and Vehicle Insurance. Council reviewed and decided to stay with the Cooke’s Insurance company they have now.
f) Summer Meal: Council discussed having the Summer Meal again this year at Fisherman’s Wharf, and John Searle had some concerns about having an open bar at this event. This was tabled till next meeting.

11. NEXT MEETING: May 14th, 2019


MOTION moved by John Searle THAT the meeting of April 9th, 2019 be adjourned.