COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – 1st Reading of Amendment of the Municipal Fire Department Bylaw 2019-09, May 18 2021

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1st Reading for Amendment of the Municipal Fire Department Bylaw 2019-09
May 18th, 2021

Mayor Albert Gallant called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

Albert Gallant – Mayor
Allan Parks – Deputy Mayor
Jacqueline Lecky- Councillor
Pat MacLellan – Councillor(Absent)
John Searle- Councillor
Ivan Blanchard- Councillor
Joan Arsenault – Councillor
Michelle Perry- CAO

Jacqueline Lecky read the first reading of the Amendment of the Municipal Fire department Bylaw 2019-09. The amendment consisted of adding 2 definitions for the Pump Operator and Senior Officers. Section 6 under Municipal Council: 6.2 d the Deputy Fire Chief was added with the Fire Chief that both positions will be appointed by council 6.2 c These positions may also be revoked or suspended by resolution by council. 6.2 d will be removed. Section 8 Organization of the Fire Department: 8.1 was amended by adding that the Senior Officers may appoint other officers of the department through approval of the Fire chief as deemed necessary to establish “Incident Command Structure” and to maintain safe operations. 8.2 will be changed to; The fire department will be comprised of no more than 34 active members and no more than 6 active junior members. 8.3 will be removed.

After the reading council had a suggestion to put in that the position of the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief be reviewed for renewal every year in December.

MOTION moved by Ivan Blanchard seconded by Jacqueline Lecky and carried
THAT the 1st reading of the Amendment of the Municipal Fire Department Bylaw 2019-09 was accepted as read. And that the changes will be put in before the 2nd reading.

Meeting adjourned.